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Faster, cheaper, more convenient – we buy almost everything online. But what about a unique and valuable item like an engagement ring? Should I buy an engagement ring online or better not?

Online shopping has many advantages. No wonder we’ve been ordering our shoes, clothing, books, cosmetics and other things online for a long time now rather than shopping at the store. There are no arrival times, no search for a parking space, no “unfortunately sold out”, no queues at the cash register and no department store music. Instead, we sit comfortably on our couch, with a coffee in hand, our favorite music in the background and let us deliver everything necessary (and beautiful) directly to your home.

But what about something as unique as an engagement ring? Traditionalists will certainly go to a store, pick a ring or have them made to measure and get them into the mood of the application. But does it matter if you buy an engagement ring online or at the store? And what do you have to pay attention to when deciding on online trading?

The benefits of buying an engagement ring online


One of the biggest advantages of shopping online is definitely the incredible selection. Because online stores are not limited to retail space, they can often offer a much wider range than stationary stores. Because just the selection of engagement rings is immense, you benefit. Because if you want to buy an engagement ring, you have to choose the most different details: cut, carat, color, age of the ring, whether conventionally won or drawn in the laboratory, etc.

Do not worry, online stores have caught up well in terms of advice. A good dealer offers at least communication via telephone or e-mail, but many providers also have the option of a service chat.


If you buy your engagement ring on site at the jeweler, you need to plan a little bit of time. Of course, online shopping is a lot more flexible. Shop closing does not know online trading. The advantage: You do not have to excuse your girlfriend (and hopefully future fiancee), why you have to go to town without her again.


We do not often give an opinion on strangers, but when it comes to customer reviews, we’re the first to read hard. That’s because the opinion of the crowd really matters. If a trader has a particularly large number of bad reviews, we will let go of it immediately. On the other hand, very good reviews invite us to go shopping. This form of feedback is an absolute plus for online trading.

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