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Who wants to marry, should not forget one thing: the wedding rings. How they look like, how much they spend and where they are bought can be decided by every newlyweds. If you are looking for a unique craft, you should go to the goldsmith. In contrast to the industrial goods, the material is made by the goldsmith from beginning to end in filigree handwork.

Goldsmith master Laszlo Lepeda from Stuttgart knows everything about rings of all kinds. Every year, the craftsman forges around 50 to 60 wedding ring pairs. And over the past two or three years, demand for handcrafted wedding rings at Lepeda has grown noticeably. “I get the impression that more people are getting married again, and at the same time people are putting more emphasis on handcrafted products, and while the majority of bridal couples still buy the ‘finished goods’ from the jeweler, there is definitely a trend in the small ones Going shops and getting the rings made by the craftsman, “says the goldsmith. At Lepeda, every customer can watch how he works in the workshop and forges the rings. “Many people are longing for simplicity and more transparency, which is exactly what we offer.”

What bridal couples should pay attention to when buying a ring and which colors and shapes are currently in vogue – the most important questions and answers from the wedding ring expert.

What material should you keep your fingers on wedding rings?

Actually, every material is suitable for wedding rings, even base metals. However, using copper or brass does not make much sense, as goldsmith Lepeda explains: “Copper or brass rings sweat and sweat, and the fingers turn green or even black, so it’s better to use precious metals or steel.” But whether gold, rose gold, white gold, platinum or palladium is chosen, is left to the bride and groom. What Lepeda is against is silver. The material is too soft and uses up very much in everyday life. “It is believed that the marriage lasts more than two or three years and thus the wedding ring should look beautiful for many years and decades.”

What’s up for ring engraving?

Classically, couples can have their partner’s name and wedding date engraved. There are limits only with the text length. What is to be engraved, the couple can decide freely. “For example, I already had customers for whom I engraved a psalm,” says Lepeda.

There are also differences in the engraving method. There are three different ways to engrave wedding bands.

  1. With the engraving machine: Here the ring is clamped in a holder. A small diamond is then controlled by a joint. The diamond presses into the material and engraves the desired text in the ring.
  2. By hand: The engraver engraves the ring with an engraving stylus, a hard, sharp tool. This method works by cutting, that is, the material is cut out. The engraver holds the burin in one hand and the ring in the other hand and engraves the desired text.
  3. The facsimile engraving: This variant is currently very popular. Bride and groom write the desired text on a sheet of paper and the professional engraves this template one by one in the ring. It is also possible to engrave with a laser. In this method, the ring is clamped in a laser engraving machine. The laser imitates the signature on the paper and burns the material. The difference between the two methods can be recognized by the fact that the engraving of the laser is rough and dark, the engraving by hand always shiny and polished.

Which materials and design are the trend for wedding rings?

As with fashion jewelry, there are also trends in wedding rings in terms of the precious metal and the design. Previously, white gold, platinum or yellow gold were in demand. For some years, however, rose gold is the absolute hit, both in earrings and watches as well as wedding rings. “I do not know if the peak is already there, I’m still selling this material very often, and my colleagues confirm this trend,” says Lepeda.

The design is very delicate, but classic rings in the trend. The jewelry has a slightly curved or straight surface, but are rather inconspicuous and suitable for everyday use. “In the past, wedding bands were often real clinkers seven or eight millimeters wide, but today these rings are rather frowned upon,” says Lepeda. Women are currently opting for very narrow rings with a width of 1.5 to 3.5 millimeters, and men, too, prefer a more delicate design.

Whether the couples also want a stone in their wedding ring, depends on whether there is already an engagement ring. If the woman already has a diamond in her engagement ring, she usually chooses no stone for her wedding ring. “They are often collected and would only steal the show from each other,” says Lepeda. Most of his customers opt for brilliant cut diamonds if they want to have a stone in their wedding ring.

How are wedding rings different for women and men?

Women usually have narrower and softer rings. The models for men are a bit stronger, because their hands and fingers are bigger. In contrast to women, it is often very unusual for men to wear a ring. Many find it annoying at first, but get used to it over time.

Do men and women have to wear rings that fit together?

Man and woman do not have to wear the same wedding rings. Lepeda has identified three different customer types over the years .

  1. Couples who want to have the same shape as a sign that they belong together.
  2. Couples where everyone chooses the ring that suits them best.
  3. Couple choosing different rings but want to have a connecting element, eg the color or shape.

Forge wedding rings yourself, is that possible?

Yes, a bride and groom can make their own wedding rings, for example in a wedding ring workshop. These courses are now very popular. Not only Lepeda, but also many of his colleagues offer wedding couples to make their own wedding rings. At the goldsmith from Stuttgart, the workshops usually take place over the weekend and last four to five hours. The pairs forge each case the ring of the partner. Only the engraving or the bordering of a stone is taken over by the expert at the end. If you do not want engraving or stone, you can take the ring directly after the course. If you want to attend a course, you should already visit the goldsmith and get advice.

How is the advice given by the goldsmith?

If you are looking for the perfect wedding ring, you should bring a lot of time. It takes about one to two hours to get advice from Lepeda. Therefore, the goldsmith recommends a fixed appointment to make out. “First there is a coffee or tea, then I leave the customers to look at everything in peace.” Depending on which ideas the bride and groom already brings, the goldsmith recommends individual models. The color of the material is also dependent on the skin tone, for example. An important part of the advice is finally to try on different rings and hold in your hand: Which surface, color and width fits best with my hand? “That’s just one of the advantages in my shop: the couples can see and touch different rings, for example, Thus, final fineness can be determined, for example, whether the surface should be glossy or dull and the width can also be adjusted. On the third visit, the couple can finally take the rings with them. Thus, final fineness can be determined, for example, whether the surface should be glossy or dull and the width can also be adjusted. On the third visit, the couple can finally take the rings with them.

What mistakes do newlyweds make when buying a wedding ring?

When buying a wedding ring, couples should especially seek advice on the properties of the individual metals. It is important that the ring is suitable for everyday use and robust, as it is worn daily and thus constantly exposed to wear. Silver is therefore not a good choice. But buyers should also know something about white gold before. This precious metal is not white in its original color, but gray and receives the well-known platinum-like color thanks to a rhodium coating. The coating is very hard, but it wears off anyway. “This means you have to re-coat the ring after about a year, and depending on how many times you have to do it over the course of a lifetime, you may be able to get the extra charge for a platinum ring,” explains Lepeda. ” Many people do not know that and it is important to tell them that. Then couples can consider these aspects when deciding on the wedding ring. “

How long does it take for a wedding ring to be finished at the goldsmith’s?
Making a ring by hand is faster than many couples believe. It is quite enough to decide on a design in May if you marry in June or July. The goldsmith takes about three to four hours to make a pair of wedding rings. If the material is in stock, so the rings can be picked up quite quickly. With engraving and stone taking it usually takes one to two weeks. Significantly shorter than is the case, for example, with a tailored wedding dress. “I already had a couple who ordered rings and two days later the plane went to Las Vegas, so I put in a night shift to finish the rings, but that’s the exception.”

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