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What is important in a wedding cake, the pastry chefs Rebekka Omorac and Heike Krohz know exactly. The two craftswomen from the vicinity of Stuttgart are busy daily to bake artful and delicious cakes. For more than ten years, Omorac has been creating pastries and cakes for all kinds of occasions in their confectionery shop in Freudental . In 2005, Krohz opened its cake and party service ” Sweet and Salty” in Süßen . She specializes in a Sweet Candy Table wedding concept. The two experts know exactly what the perfect wedding cake is all about.

1. How is a classic wedding cake made?

If you think of a classic wedding cake, you immediately have a picture of a tall, ornately decorated cake with flowers and ornaments in your head. Often in an innocent white, but sometimes in red or pink. In general, the pies are also multi-storey with three to five floors. “The size and number of floors are very individual, but the highest cake I ever made was six-storey, and another cake had a diameter of 60 centimeters,” says pastry chef Omorac. The size and height of the cake depends mainly on the number of wedding guests.

2. What alternatives to the classic wedding cake are there?

“In addition to the classic models, for example, heart- shaped pies are also very popular,” says Omorac. “They are often filled with fruit and also a great eye-catcher.” In addition, cakes made from cupcakes or petit fours, a French pastry, a nice alternative. For a wedding, for example, they are served on a three or four tiered counter.

3. What are the current trends in wedding cakes?

If you want to know what’s hot in this year’s wedding cake, Krohz is the place for you. In her blog “Backlinse”, the pastry chef looks in detail at the wedding cake trends for 2018. These are her three most important trends for 2018:

a) Naked cakes or semi-naked cakes

These cakes are, as the name implies, not decorated with fondant or another decorative layer, but naked. As a result, you can see the layers of cream and biscuit exactly. Often these pies are decorated with fruits and flowers. “Decorating a cake with flowers looks nice, but the problem is that not all flowers are edible, so it’s important to look at what varieties you use,” says Krohz. For example, snapdragons or daisies are well suited.

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b) Drip Cakes

Drip cakes are so called because the glaze drips down the cake in tough drops. The drips give the cakes their unique look. What looks so casual is quite expensive to produce. The drips consist of a shiny ganache, made of chocolate and cream, which can vary in taste from bittersweet to white chocolate. The drops can also be colored, for example with fruit puree. “These cakes are very popular, for example, for boho weddings,” says Krohz.

c) Marble cakes

A cake design that Krohz also likes is Marblecakes, “Marblecakes pies with a marbled finish:” These wedding cakes with a marbled surface are a cake design that will certainly become even more popular in 2018 and currently one of the most popular pie trends. “

4. Do you also offer vegan wedding cakes?

Lactose free, gluten free or vegan? Customers are increasingly challenging food producers. But what about wedding cakes? Is it possible to dispense with products like milk, cream, eggs or flour and does it taste better afterwards?

Producing lactose-free pies is not that difficult, says Omorac, as it’s easy to replace milk and cream. More complicated is the desire for a vegan wedding cake. Krohz always has requests for vegan cakes and pastries: “But I have to confess: Eggs, butter and cream are just part of it for me, but there are colleagues who specialize in vegan pies and are very successful.” Omorac also prefers to bake traditional and fresh food. “It’s not that easy to bake a cake without an egg,” she says. “If it’s vegan, I recommend cupcakes, which are easier to make with vegan foods than a cake.”

What both pastry chefs do not offer are gluten-free pies. The reason: Even if only small traces of flour are present in the cake, allergy sufferers can respond. “I do not offer it, because a bakery that processes flour in the normal way is difficult to clean completely dust-free, and traces are almost inevitable,” says Omorac.

5. When should you order the wedding cake?

Pastry chefs are booked up very quickly, especially in the summer months. Every weekend, there is a wedding or other festival, where pies can not be missed. If you want to enjoy a particular cake from your favorite confectioner at your wedding, you should inquire in advance. Of course, how many weeks or months the bridal couple has to order the cake depends on the respective confectionery. How many people work there? How big is the normal daily business? Is the confectionery perhaps specialized in wedding cakes? For pastry chef Omorac, wedding couples should order five to six months in advance . Heike Krohz is sometimes even a year in advancebooked up. Especially June, September and October are very popular months with their customers. “I need the long planning time because I’m alone and slowly develop my concept and discuss it with the bride and groom.” In a normal pastry shop, a few weeks lead in. “

6. What’s the advice for a wedding cake?

How the perfect wedding cake is created for a bride and groom depends on the wishes of the customers and the offer of the pastry chef. “I have picture books with pies in my shop, but many also bring photos or drawings of their dream cake with them, so I develop the cake according to how the wedding takes place and how many guests come,” says Omorac.

Specializing in the wedding business, Krohz offers their customers a sweet candy table that replaces the classic cake. She designs up to ten different pastries to match the wedding motto. For example, the bride and groom set the colors, and the pastry chef will then do the rest. “The first conversation usually lasts one hour, and in the months after that, we keep in touch, and it’s great when I see how much the couples are happy about my work. “

7. What fillings are suitable for wedding cakes?

A wedding cake usually has not just one filling but several cream layers. From chocolate to vanilla to airy flavors in lemon or wild berry, the imagination knows no bounds. However, both Omorac and Krohz recommend their customers a butter cake for the wedding cake. A cream or yoghurt cream is just not stable enough for the many floors and the decorations on the cake. The pies become unstable and can break apart, for example, when cut.

8. Are there different wedding cakes for summer and winter?

Most weddings take place in spring or summer. Then the customers of pastry chef Omorac like to take fruity cake variations with raspberry, blueberry or orange. But for winter weddings there are delicious compositions that fit the season, such as chocolate cinnamon or brittle.

Krohz’s Sweet Candy Tables focus on the season and the variety of fruits and flavors. So there is no strawberry cake in December. There are strawberries or rhubarb in May, raspberries or apricots in June and apples or quinces in autumn.

9. Can you freeze the wedding cake?

Around wedding cakes one tells oneself some myths and customs. A custom says that one should freeze a piece of the wedding cake. Therefore, the bride and groom should not cut the top floor and place the piece of wedding cakes the next day the freezer. According to custom, otherwise a great misfortune would break over the bridal couple. For the first wedding anniversary, ie after one year, the couple may then enjoy the last piece of their cake. It is theoretically possible to freeze the cake, but if the cake tastes so good is another question. “I recommend to my customers just to order a small fresh cake with me for the first wedding anniversary,” says Omorac.

10. Zombie figures on the wedding cake or templates from World of Warcraft – What fancy wedding cakes are there?

In many forums on the Internet you can find them: bridal couples looking for wedding cakes with zombie characters or templates from computer games such as World of Warcraft. The market for quirky and spooky wedding cakes seems to be big. Even pastry chef Omorac has already baked some fancy wedding cakes. “For example, I designed a wedding cake with Spiderman and Batman, which was white on one side, like a classic wedding cake, and decorated on the other side with the motifs from the comic series,” says the craftswoman. She also conjured up a cake for the movie “Nightmare before Christmas”. Although not scary, but also remembered are their wedding cakes with horses, donkeys, sheep or rabbits and a particularly sweet decoration:

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